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of course we are losers. the big drawing late last night. everyone here pitched in but we all showed up for work. none of us were in case you haven't checked your ticket yet the winning numbers are 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and 32. >> as if that should come as a surprise they're obviously the numbers i would have picked had i been asked, they are the obvious choices but i'll put it in the past, only $441 million? it will come around again. did the u.s. learn about the latest embassy threats by listening in on a conference call between al qaeda leaders? a new report says just that, but it's raised a lot of eyebrows in the intelligence community and we're going to get into it for you. the two young boys killed after possibly being strangled to death by a python. we have new details including
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these pictures of the little boys working inside the snake's tank previously and there are no questions arising, some snake experts say they don't think the snake could have done this. we'll talk all about that coming up. first breaking news, parts of the midwest and southeast are being slammed with flash flooding. missouri has been hit hard, a state of emergency is in effect there and the national guard has been called in to help, at least one person, a child, was killed in the flooding and the worst fact may be the last one, more rain in the forecast today. cnn meteorologist indra petersons here to tell us what we can expect. good morning. >> good morning. unfortunately i feel like a broken record at this point. we keep talking about heavy rain in the same parts of the country. today you're not the only ones dealing with the storms rolling across the country. >> i just seen the funnel cloud come down, seen trees and debris come up. >> reporter: a room ripped off a home and trees were uprooted after a possible tornado touched down in parts of ohio. parts of the country are
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battling severe weather and even the threat of flash flooding. powerful storm tore through wisconsin leaving behind a path of destruction just outside of green bay. missouri is under flood alert. deadly waters have reportedly claimed the life of a young boy in waynesville and police are still searching for a woman who may be the child's mother. heavy rains hammered the area. dozens had to be rescued after waist-deep water rushed into residential neighborhoods. the governor declared a state of emergency calling in 50 national guardsmen. >> i want to cry. i've never had to deal with anything like this. >> reporter: the floodgates were opened off the o sage river to release rising waters. flash flood could affect cities from colorado to the carolinas and even stretching up to the northeast by the end of the week. in missouri on i-44 there was flooding as far as the eye could
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see, between 100 to 200 structures were destroyed. this submerged neighborhood could get hit again and check out the hail in minnesota this week. in the southeast the south has been relentless. they've already seen three to seven inches of rain in georgia and more rain in the forecast and in birmingham, alabama, the heavy downpours have caused flash flooding in the suburbs. this cold front tailing off of t this troublemaker. it produces heavier rain in the southern portions. the tricky part is the top portion, the cold front can stall like the southern portion or quickly move. it will tell us how much rain we expect in the northeast over the next several days. heavier storms is where the flooding threat will be but some places may get some scattered
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showers. what we'll be watching is the pga championship and i know this matters definitely, we'll be seeing thunderstorms. the morning hours things will get let up but by the afternoon into the evening hours we'll talk about heavier thunderstorms. having a golf game, hopefully you have the morning time tee time. >> hopefully we can avoid any flash flooding in the northeast. thank you, indra, and even gives the golf weather report. >> fascinating, fantastic. in riverside, california, i 6,000 acre silver fire burning completely out of control, forcing entire communities to evacuate. stephanie elam, it seemed to pick up and come from out of nowhere. >> reporter: this was fast moving that started yesterday afternoon. good morning to you, kate, chris and michaela. we are about 20 minutes just west of palm springs and this was just after noon yesterday when the fire started making big
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moves. we know it got dicey for some people. we are told some people were forced to secure themselves where they were. firefighters were with them because the fire moved in so fast across a street they actually had to stay where they were but there were no injuries, everyone got out. about 1,500 people have been evacuated. we also know 15 structures have been damaged. we don't know how many of those are homes as fire officials are continuing to try to get this fire contained. there are 1,000 firefighters out there and once the sun gets out on the west coast they'll be restarting the water line on the hill. they're hoping there will be favorable conditions as well. >> you can see the fire right over your shoulder not the morning glow you want to wake up to for sure. thank you. now let's go to this widening manhunt out west for james dimaggio, the man
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suspected of kidnapping a san diego teenager after killing her mother and possibly her younger brother possibly because remains found in dimaggio's cabin have yet to be identified. an amber alert from california to the pacific northwest after a possible vehicle sighting. the big question is why and we're learning more about the suspect's relationship with 16-year-old hannah anderson this morning. cnn's miguel marquez is live in san diego. >> reporter: good morning. the best news the family has had all week a man they once considered part of their family they believe there may be a spotting of him up in northern california and southern oregon. they are hoping against hope to avoid another death. several states on high alert this morning after possible sightings of the blue nissan driven by james dimaggio, the massive search expanded for the man suspected of killing a
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woman, her son and then abducting her daughter. first sighting was in alturas, california, second sighting lakeview, oregon. police are scouring the area for any sign of dimaggio and hannah. dimaggio developed a worrying relationship with 16-year-old hannah in recent years. angelina amati, a friend with the them. >> i know hannah said she was a little creeped out when j.a.m. told her he had a crush on her. >> reporter: the last time hannah, their brother ethan and christina and the family dog were seen alive was saturday afternoon, they left to spend
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the night with dimaggio a long time family friend and his home 50 miles away in boulevard, california. ethan was supposed to be at football practice 8:00 a.m. sunday morning, he didn't make it. later that night dimaggio's house was set on fire. just a completely disturbing story all around. the family saying that the one thing they don't know is when the deaths occurred in that house and when that house was actually set on fire. it may have been some time, some hours that he was on the run before they discovered the fire, and then the bodies in that house afterwards. one other interesting note, this guy was so close to the family, the person that he reminded them most of because the actor jim carrey. chris? >> obviously the urgency is on finding him, finding the young girl with him. miguel thank you soment for around-the-clock coverage on this story. appreciate it. in 20 minutes we'll hear from hannah anderson's father.
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we'll get an update from police. security officials in yemen claiming they foiled an al qaeda terror plot, the plan called for missile strikes against foreign sites in the capital city sanaa as well as shipping in the red sea. >> officials say they did foil a plot to capture oil and gas facilities in southern yemen and they believe it might have been part of the larger plot we've been talking about. u.s. officials say they're not so sure. they point out rather sensitively that oil and gas facilities in yemen often do come under attack especially by al qaeda element, not yet ready to say whether this one was connected. >> making a lot of headlines and getting a lot of attention this week "the daily beast" reports
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there was a conference call of sorts described as something like a planning and what do you make of the article? >> the article was blunt saying it was a conference call between al qaeda leaders around the world. conference call most interpret those words to be a cell phone or telephone conference call. cnn has interviewed both authors of the article and they significantly have walked back from that, in fact they say it was not a conference call. they are describing it now as a virtual meeting space. what we know at cnn of course is that there was intercepted messages from a yman al zawahari
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to others. al qaeda leaders probably do not have conference calls on cell phones, if they do, i want that cell phone service, it's pretty good. they do communicate online. it's very known they use encrypted communications, password communications, websites to post messages, that sort of thing so that's the kind of thing you're potentially looking at here. kate? >> barbara, thats so much. we know whatever message conference call or virtual meeting, something was intercepted by intelligence officials to warrant the closing of the embassies and consulates that remain closed because the threat is still credible. barbara starr thank you so much. three lucky people are waking up filthy rich this morning and you ain't looking at them. they'll be sharing the fourth largest powerball jackpot ever, $448 million. two winning tickets sold in new jersey, a third in minnesota. the rest of us here are the numbers we should have picked,
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which are exactly the ones i suggested, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and the powerball 32. zain asher live from south brunswick, new jersey, where one of the winning tickets was sold. hello, zain. >> reporter: hey, chris. there's so much we don't know. we have no idea whether it was an individual or a group. two tickets winners were in new jersey who only just joined powerball in 2010 and it's produced five winning tickets. south brunswick, one of them. i spoke to one of the workers at this stop & shop where a lottery ticket was sold, they can't imagine the share amount of media attention that has descended on this town. if you win the lottery in new
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jersey you cannot be anonymous, you have to come forward. you have about a year to collect your winnings and if you come forward today it will take about two weeks for all those millions to get into your bank account. >> the fastest two weeks of your life. >> reporter: just hand in your notice at work. >> not us, because we love our watch. boss is always watching. >> get your affairs in order before you come forward because your life is not going to be the same. >> can you imagine just seeing your bank account go up like that? there would be a lot of fainting. >> it would coincide with a ton of texts and e-mails and phone requests. michaela, mickey, my sister, i tell you about my bad knee. >> a lot of those, cost $1 million. a lot of news developing in
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this hour, let's get the latest from michaela. a suspect now in custody for a dallas area shooting spree that has left at least four people dead, two people found dead, two others wounded late last night inside the suspect's ex-girlfriend's home in dallas, when he realized that she wasn't there, police say the suspect then traveled to nearby desew toe, texas, opened fire in a house where she was staying, one person in the home died. the gunman ran out of ammunition. police took him into custody. police sources say children were in one of those houses. a closed door hearing today to determine the next steps in the court-marti marshal of majol hasan. an update on the murder case against former new england
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patriot aaron hernandez. search in a lake in bristol, connecticut, failed to bring up a key piece of evidence, a gun used to kill oden lloyd. swastikas and shocking anti-semitic slurs found on a statue of baseball greats jackie reason join and pee-wee reese in brooklyn. $10,000 reward is offered to find those responsible. the graffiti would not come off so instead they covered the base with a black tarp. r&b superstar usher's wife wanted custody of the two children after one of them nearly drowned. tamika foster blames the singer's absence for her son's near death accident. she says usher is gone 85% of the time. for his part usher has not commented on his ex-wife's allegations or upcoming hearing. we'll bring you more in this
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program. greg looney and his friends got a little more than they bargained for when they booked a show with "wicked tuna." didn't expect to catch a 920 pound fish which took them three hours to reel in. captain kevin says it is one of the biggest fish he's seen this year. it's not a record but it's still a pretty big tuna. >> oh they keep it. >> that's a lot of sandwiches. >> you're looking at four weeks' pay. these tuna fishermen were among the last pinhook fishermen, using a hook and a line, no nets. this is their life and they book these charters to get some extra money and so guys like looney and his buddies get on there and get the day of his life. we went out with them, we'll have a piece at some point on the show and they are great guys, they're great fun but there is nothing like seeing one of those fish, they're so
3:17 am
beautiful but they are big. >> and they can fight. >> three hours and that ain't that long. >> really? you have to have a team of people. >> no kidding. that's not a one man job. >> no pride there. your hand goes numb, your arm falls, the high pitched screams we hear from guys. >> a lot of the screams, i'm massaging my biceps think being it. coming up on "new day" the white house canceling a one on one meeting with vladimir putin next month the president saying russia at times has slipped back into a cold war mentality. and the story we're asking you to pay attention to, you're looking at brett anderson's daughter kidnapped in southern california, it's triggered a nationwide amber alert. please watch. let's play:
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welcome back to "new day" everyone. the meet something off. white house officials say they canceled a planned meeting between president obama and vladimir putin. the state department unanimously deciding there wasn't enough progress on issues between the two countries to keep the one on one, but most are pointing to last week's decision by russia to grant nsa leaker edward snowden temporary asylum, a decision the u.s. calls disappointing. we have live team coverage on the story and what this means going forward in washington and moscow. first let's start in washington where cnn's jill dougherty is standing by at the white house. jill, this is a clear area of expertise for you. you worked in moscow for many years. what does this mean? >> i think it means that the wheels are coming off this relationship pretty fast, kate. there will be a meeting here in washington tomorrow with senior russian and u.s. officials, but it could be a tough one.
3:22 am
there will be no see you in september summit in moscow between presidents barack obama and vladimir putin. state department spokeswoman jen psaki telling cnn's jake tapper -- >> our relationship with russia has been a roller coaster ride at times. >> reporter: the white house does say president obama will attend the g-20 summit in st. petersburg, russia. both men will be in the same room there but so far, no plans for a one on one. the biggest reason for the snub, moscow's decision to give nsa leaker edward snowden temporary asylum in russia but the white house has a litany of issues where the two countries are at odds. arms control, missile defense, trade, global security issues and human rights. including russia's new anti-gay propaganda law which obama has criticized. the white house is going out of its way to praise progress obama
3:23 am
made when putin's predecessor dimitri medvedev was in office. >> make him appear to be sort of an indisputable important world leader, someone the president of the united states has no choice but to see. they're saying we have a choice, we're not going to see him. >> reporter: that meeting tomorrow will have secretary of state john kerry, defense secretary chuck hagel and their counterparts, getting into the tough issues and what's on tap for the g-20, what russia is hosting. chris? >> thank you very much. tough but tough for whom. the areas of dispute may mean more to the u.s. than to russia and in many of them russia is the one holding the cards so let's turn to cnn's phil black in moscow for more on russia's reaction. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the russian reaction has been really quite restrained, even
3:24 am
understated especially given president vladimir putin's reputation for taking things personally but officially the line is that russia is disappointed and believe this shows the united states is not willing to build equal relations with russia. the invitation is still open and russia will continue to work with the united states on big issues. the degree to which russia is offended and its view of the u.s. has chilled and the degree to which it is prepared to withdraw from cooperating. in the few areas where the two countries work together will remain to be seen. u.s. officials tell us that process has been under way for some time already and that's why this deal has been called off. for more than a year we've heard top level government officials openly questioning to what extent russia needs to keep working closely with the united states. back to you. >> phil, a lot of politics in
3:25 am
play. we'll bring on fareed zakaria in the show later to break down on what's real and what's the spin. coming up on "new day," the story we've been telling you about all morning, we'll get the latest on the desperate search for a man named james dimaggio. you're looking at the 16-year-old who is missing, hannah anderson. there is a nationwide amber alert here. also ahead, talk about role reversal, fish bites man. he's not letting go. >> the look on his face, not a good one. >> ouch. >> that's a fish, not a rock that's holding onto his -- >> it is? >> yes, with teeth, lots of them. you can't go to school like this, c'mon. don't do it! no! (mom vo) you never know what life's gonna throw at you. if i gotta wear clothes, you gotta wear clothes. (mom vo) that's why i got a subaru. i just pulled up. he did what now?
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welcome back to "new day," it is thursday, august 8th. i'm christine romans. >> hi, everyone, i'm kate bolduan, joined by michaela pereira. james dimaggio appears he had a tragic crush on the suspected teenager he's suspected of kidnapping after allegedly killing her mother and younger brother. plus very different story, different tone and necessary to show you, it is a catch of the day and it's a play on words because this guy didn't catch this fish, this fish caught him. it looks like a rock but it's a monk fish. i've watched this entire video. it takes a long time to get to this point which is where his hand used to be. you don't need to speak russian. the whole tape is in russian but
3:30 am
it doesn't matter because this man is speaking the universal language of ouch. one of the big stories of course is the day after the big powerball draw, some lucky powerball players about to become very, very rich. three winning powerball tickets were sold in two states. they'll split the 448 million dollar jackpot. parts of kansas, missouri, and georgia are bracing for more rushing water, flood watches and warnings in effect there, in missouri the state's national guard has been mobilized to help with the flood response. in northeastern ohio a twister hit a rural farming community downing trees and ripping the roof off one of the homes. a bomb threat against a u.s. airways flight from ireland to philadelphia, flight 777, ordered to land in an isolated
3:31 am
area of philadelphia international airport yesterday. federal and local investigators now questioning passengers aboard and bringing in a bomb sniffing dog. the search came up empty. officials refusing to release details of that threat. this is no mere office prank we're about to show you. texas man was tasered at work dozens of times. these sneak attacks were often taped and posted on youtube. now bradley jones is suing his former employer in houston and two of his co-workers, for assault and battery and failing to provide a safe workplace. jones' former boss denies any involvement and calls that civil suit frivolous. a bit of a new landscaping crew at washington's historic congressional cemetery, managers brought in these guys, a herd of goats to help graze their way through a thick growth of underbrush. they say the so-called ecogoats are safer than using herb sides to clear out the cemetery and let's be honest, it's an
3:32 am
affordable option. they don't complain much. the goets cost the cemetery $4,000 for six days of work which roughly comes out to 25 cents an hour per get to so it's pretty healthy on the environment, too. that's our news update now. let's go to chris. we'll continue the abduction of hannah anderson by a man named james dimaggio. in this situation we understand the pain the father is going through, and we're going to bear with him and hopefully have him on later in the show but lieutenant it's very good to have you this morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> so let's deal with the latest. we hear about the expansion of this amber alert in two different states, oregon and others. what is fueling the move, new information, suspicion? >> primarily in the state of
3:33 am
oregon the oregon state police activated the amber alert for the missing people because there were sightings or reported sightings of hannah, ethan and dimaggio. >> any idea, lieutenant, as to, from the investigation so far looking at his home, his records, his computer, talking to people, any idea about where he might be going or why? >> we really don't. he could be anywhere at this point. we've had some hints that he may be going to certain areas, nothing has really panned out. we've had law enforcement agencies across the country following up on tips and checking on suspicious vehicles that they think may have been related to them. so far all of them have come up negative. we're still hoping that one of the tips will turn up dimaggio and both children. >> has anybody come forward with any information that gives a clue as to why he did this? >> well it's been reported one
3:34 am
witness said dimaggio had a crush on hannah. we've heard that, it was one witness that had made that statement. we haven't -- we don't have any other corroborating information to back up that as a possible motive but really we're not ruling anything out at this point. >> also lieutenant it gives you a small piece of a puzzle as perverse it is for a 40-year-old to have romantic feelings of a 16 years old, the death, burning down of a home, there are so many other things you need to take into consideration as well, is that right? >> that's right. one of the biggest question is the identity of the remains found at the residence. we've been trying to get dna from the remains, badly burned which is making dna collection more difficult. we're hoping to have an i.d. by friday. there is a possibility due to the condition of the body we will not be able to positively i.d. the remains as well.
3:35 am
>> there's been confusion in this, they say there was another body in the home but why is ethan named in the amber alert, and that's what you're explaining right now, am i correct, lieutenant, that you just can't identify the body yesterday so you're erring on the side of caution but it doesn't look good. >> that's true. we don't have any other missing persons in that area or even in the county. the size of the remains, the size of the body of the remains is consistent of an 8-year-old. however, without positive i.d. we can't say for sure that it is ethan or isn't ethan and we want people to be on the lookout for hannah and ethan as well as dimaggio and not just hannah and dimaggio. with that said, though, we don't want people to, if they were to see somebody they believed might be dimaggio and hannah, we don't want to not call it in because they may think ethan is not
3:36 am
there so it's not they will. >> very important point, lieutenant, we want to help you on that. there are two paths of discovery here, one is unraveling the mystery of what went wrong with dimaggio, xwr he did this and how and the second is to help him get caught. lieutenant please use the opportunity, let us know how broad a net there is and what people can do. >> as i said oregon has activated their amber alert system due to some possible sightings. we've got law enforcement agencies across the country looking for them and following up on tips that are being called in. we've received numerous tips, probably well over 100, possibly hundreds of tips from across the country. every tip that can be followed up on has been followed up on or currently being followed up on. we need members of the public to keep calling in. we're doing everything we can to try to locate them and what we're thinking it may end up just being somebody from the public seeing something, calling it in and having us contact the
3:37 am
person to bring this to a successful conclusion. >> you need as many sets of eyes as possible, no question about that. we put the number up on the screen, put it on the website. if you get any pictures you know are the most accurate, current description of mr. dimaggio make sure they're in the reporting on the site. extend our sympathies to mr. anderson. we understand he's in pain and it's difficult to talk about this. anything we can do to help, we're here. thank you, lieutenant. >> thank you. >> kate over to you. let's go around the world starting in brazil where at least six people died when a passenger bus plunged 130 feet off a bridge. shasta darlington has more from rio de janeiro. >> reporter: at least six people were killed in the state of rio de janeiro when a bus plunged off of a bridge falling 130 feet. the tragedy here is this is the second accident like this to happen in the last couple of months. back in april another bus fell
3:38 am
off of a bridge in the city of rio, killing seven people. back to you, kate. >> shasta, thanks so much. in obstetrician is under arrest charged with selling babies. >> reporter: look at a young brother reunited with her newborn system. the scam worked by the doctor telling the parents their child had a congenital disease and taking the child away and selling it to traffickers for around $3,000. this might be the tip of the iceberg. several parents have told us that their children might have been taken by this doctor as well. kate? >> david, thanks so much. here's a question for you, how do you handle a hungry monk fish? a russian fisherman struggles to free himself from the business
3:39 am
end of a monstrous monkfish. it goes virily and erin mclaughlin is following it. >> reporter: kate the look at this fisherman's face pretty much says it all, pure agony. this video now gone viral. it's not exactly clear how he got caught in this rather awkward position but they use everything from a wooden plank into a metal bar until finally success. check out the jaws. they aren't the only ones amazed as to how this could have happened. back to you, kate. >> have you ever found your hand in the wrong end of the that? >> one thing you often say when there's a fish flopping around keep your hand away from the mouth. the problem is that's where you need to get the hook out. what we were speculating on is why they didn't just kill the fish which is what i would have been creaming in any language as soon as it clamped down on my
3:40 am
hand but i guess they were worried about crushing his hand. >> i would, too. that is one ugly fish. >> that guy was in some pain. coming up on "new day" people want to buy smaller cars because they're better on gas but we know the compromise is safety. the question is how safe is this compact car. new report comes about your chance of surviving a front end crash. a kid on a family road trip jokes about getting hit by lightning. guess what happens next, our must see moment. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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it's time for our political gut check, all the stories you need to know coming out of washington and around the country. first up senator chuck schumer
3:44 am
the democrat from new york says he is okay with the piecemeal approach to immigration. candy crowley is here to break it all down for us. hi, candy. >> hey, how are you, kate? >> i'm doing great. senator schumer was on the show yesterday and we asked him about the topic of immigration, important because he's part of the gang putting together and trying to push for immigration reform. let's listen to a little bit of what he said. >> we would much prefer a big, comprehensive bill but any way that the house can get there is okay by us and i actually am optimistic that we will get this done. >> so what's your take on this? do you think schumer is changing his position because he wants comprehensive though he says he's okay with the piecemeal approach or do you think he's acknowledging the political reality? >> he's acknowledging political reality, it's political. he's a democrat, the house is run by republicans, the idea that they would listen to what he wants is silly.
3:45 am
institutionally the house and the senate are like siblings and eventually they appreciate one another but they bicker a lot so there's friction there and the truth is that what he said was hey, i'm okay with piecemeal. any way the house can get there. he didn't say the final bill would be piecemeal, just here -- the end game, kate, here is they want something to take to conference. the senate and some members of the house say if we can pass something and take a collection of house bills and put it together with the senate bill and you get into a smaller group of conferrees and they come up with the final bill. the long-term goal is comprehensive immigration reform. the short term goal is get this to conference and that will take the house passing as many separate bills as they can and deal with it later. >> what do you think the role of august recess plays into that. do you think when they go home to talk voters this will change minds one way or the other?
3:46 am
>> probably not, essentially because so many of these folks are in districts that reflect their own views so i think the calendar is far more persuasive to senators and kong members. we're kind 1/2 the 2014 midterm elections. schumer sounds a little optimistic. they've pulled rabbits out of the hat a lot and it's good to get this to pass. >> new hampshire voters show marco rubio is rating amongst who they could pick or see as their nominee, going from fifth to first place since april. do you think immigration plays a role in this? >> probably. at this point in the polling for 2016 it's very sensitive to the
3:47 am
news cycle and christine romans has had a lot of good, positive play over time. marco rubio not so much. he's tied to immigration. new hampshire has two republican parties, the sort of rand paul a little bit marco rubio conservative but fiercely independent kind of libertarian side of new hampshire and then there's sort of the republican moderate chris christie kind of new hampshire republicans. it isn't sur pridesing given the news cycle that rubio has kind of gotten a lot of play and it hasn't all been good and most of christine romans's has. >> we got a whole lot of time for them to make up ground and lose more ground. great to see you. watch candy crowley host of "state of the union" every sunday. thanks, candy. see you soon. let's take a break and let that all sink in and when we come back on "new day" residents in a small pennsylvania town are living in fear of this guy, their local police chief. he heads up a 100-man militia
3:48 am
and as exhibited what you're watching there, a little bizarre to some especially with why he's doing it. he's already been suspended but there's more. live report just ahead. lightning strikes a moving car with a father and his three boys inside the vehicle and they caught it all on tape. how? our must see moment. >> because nobody puts down their cell phones anymore, ever. there are no secrets.
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we got mickey on the training ball. look at the ball she's throwing, until she stops maiming people.
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3:52 am
♪ what happens to this family when one kid wishes in the car something he should have. taylor apparently said "i hope we get struck by lightning" and this happened, the car got struck by lightning. and it actually suffered some damage apparently three tires were blown out, all the gauges in the car shut off and the car shut down. there was one plus, though. apparently the report saying most of their cell phones and gaming devices in the car were pretty low on batteries and after they got fully charged. >> no way! >> it's not possible! >> i haven't talked to them, i haven't talked to them but i'm just saying. >> no way! >> and what we're saying is it's not possible. still crazy. >> i don't even know if it is. i have no gift. >> i have no idea on this level. >> it's not possible. >> i think it is. >> anything is possible. >> right.
3:53 am
>> but sounds a little -- smells a little monkfishy to me. >> says the russian fisherman with his arm inside the fish. >> that was dumb. got to be careful what you ask for. >> chris is right, everyone's cell phone is always on, always taking pictures and videos. >> we should have said "i wish we won the powerball." >> or used the numbers which i clearly wrote down on a piece of paper. taking a break on "new day" speaking of powerball and the winners are -- we may find out soon enough. three winning sold in the $448 million powerball drawing last night. more rain in the forecast for parts of the midwest that are already dealing with, look at it, severe and sometimes deadly flooding. indra petersons is tracking the seveis hsevere weather and wher headed next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
3:54 am
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show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. ♪ i'd catch a grenade for you this guy can dance. my 7-year-old loves this song. >> we'll continue with it then. time for the rock block, first up michaela. >> let's look in the papers, from "the detroit press" a 49-year-old swimmer jim dreyer, 22 miles in 51 hours dragging a ton of bricks the whole way. he did it to raise money for habitat for humanity. smartphones don't make your baby smart. the campaign for a ecommercial free childhood. and parents stalking their kids at summer camp using the interweb. most have daily photos posted on their websites and said parents are looking at those closely.
3:58 am
you wouldn't do that, alison? >> i do look closely at the pictures. new signs that greece is still struggling. we learned about an hour ago unemployment in greece hit a record high 27.6%, despite that stock futures in the u.s. are up slightly. are you going to jail? upgrade to a nicer one for $155 a day. fremont, california, is allowing nonviolent offenders to do that. you can get a standard cell but the jail is smaller and quieter. it will help boost california's revenue. more changes at yahoo! the company is changing its logo, leading up to the big reveal september 5th, yahoo! will be showcasing a different logo every day to lead up to that. heavy storms are right where they were yesterday. look at the threat in oklahoma and kansas today, and you can see the six-hour loop of radar behind it so you can see exact same place today, another two to
3:59 am
four inches of rain, we're currenting dealing with flash flood emergencies in southwestern portions of missouri. heavy rain is expected pretty much anywhere from missouri into kentucky now and even nashville and atlanta looking one to two inches, we'll go up to the northeast still talking about some rain but nothing as heavy from what we're seeing portions of the midwest and southeast. little plus there. >> a little plus, thanks so much, indra. it's time for the top news. i've never had to deal with anything like this. >> oh my goodness. >> state of emergency, severe flooding across the midwest, towns submerged, rain now set to pound the east coast. out west, a quick moving wildfire forcing the evacuation of entire communities. golden tickets, three big winners in last nights powerball
4:00 am
drawing the $448 million prize now split three ways. two of the winning tickets from the same state. living in fear, a town sheriff suspended after making these frightening videos. now he and his armed supporters accused of intimidating this small town. we're live with the latest. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> our relationship with russia has been a roller coaster ride at times. >> announcer: what you just have to see. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "new day." it's thursday, august 8th, 7:00 in the east, i'm christine romans chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan with michaela pereira. coming up this hour the three of us are here, means we did not win but three other people did,
4:01 am
waking up happy happy as the lucky winners of the $448 powerball jackpot. these two young brothers are believed to have been strangled to death by a python, stunning images of the boys playing in a snake tank as criminal charges are being considered against the snake's owner, we'll ask wildlife expert jeff corwin, could the snake have done this? we'll take you through it. and a cnn exclusive we brought you a story a few weeks ago about this man who was unconscious for days, woke up in the hospital not remembering anything including how to speak engli english. now can he only speak swedish. our dr. sanjay gupta brings us an exclusive interview with this man and talks about what his life is like now. >> that's going to be a very interesting story, very, very fascinating. first up this morning, several states facing severe
4:02 am
flooding, today parts of missouri getting hit the hardest. look at this video, a young boy was killed when he was washed away in a car, another woman swept away by floodwaters is still missing. plenty of people in the midwest and southeast are dealing with extreme weather. meteorologist indra petersons is tracking it all. >> we're dealing with the exact same area dealing with heavy rain and flash flood emergencies are currently in effect. they're not the only ones dealing with this line of storms today. >> i just seen a funnel cloud come down, i seen trees and debris come up. >> a roof ripped off a home after a possibly tornado touchdown in ohio. powerful storm tore through wisconsin leaving behind a path of destruction just outside of green bay. one man was killed clearing debris. missouri is under flood alert. deadly waters have reportedly claimed the life of a young boy
4:03 am
in waynesville and police are still searching for a woman who may be the child's mother. heavy rains hammered the area. dozens had to be rescued after waist-deep waters rushed into residential neighborhoods. the governor declared a state of emergency calling in 50 national guardsmen. >> i want to cry. that's all i can say is i want to cry. i don't know. i've never had to deal with anything like this. >> reporter: the floodgates were opened off the osage river to release rising waters. flash flood could affect cities from colorado to the carolinas and even stretching up to the northeast by the end of the week. in missouri on i-44 there was flooding as far as the eye could see, between 100 to 200 structures were destroyed. this submerged neighborhood could get hit again and check out the hail in minnesota this week. in the southeast the south has been relentless. gilmore county, virginia, has
4:04 am
already seen three to inches of rain, and there's even more rain in the forecast. and in birmingham, alabama, the heavy downpours have caused flash flooding in the suburbs. we're going to show you the current radar in the region, oklahoma and kansas and even missouri once again early in the morning hours talking about heavy thunderstorms in the region. notice the outline here, that's the region we're looking for in the forecast today for severe weather as we go through the afternoon. you can tell this is not going and we're going to be dealing with more rain in the forecast and looks like that rain is expected to last through saturday. this is the reason why, it is a stalled front out there so in the south all of the warm moisture out of the gulf continues to produce the afternoon thunderstorms once you get the extra sunshine. we have to watch this cold front and see whether or not it will speed up or stall out. that is affecting a big chunk of the northeast. down to the south we have heavier amounts of rain, springfield two to three inches, atlanta about one to two inches in the northern portion a little bit more tricky, some afternoon
4:05 am
thunderstorms are possible out of it. where we get the downpours is when you talk about heavy rain and threat of flooding out there, urban flooding. there's areas we don't see much at all but a mixed bag in the northeast. >> thanks, indra. if it's not floods in one place it's wildfires in another. this morning a fast moving fire in southern california is completely out of control. 450 firefighters working the silver fire, so far to little effect. the fire now covering more than 6,000 acres. stephanie elam is in banning, california, the focus of the fire fight right now. stephanie, i've been following your tweets all morning, we know you're there close to the action. what's the latest? >> reporter: one thing we can tell you, chris, they are in there still fighting, about 1,000 firefighters are out there fighting. the fire cresting over the mountain behind us. they're saying the fire line is about eight miles long at this point. we know two firefighters have been injured fighting this and one civilian we do not know their condition but there's
4:06 am
1,500 people evacuated and 15 structures at least that have been damaged. they're hoping to get in there later in the day after the sun breaks figure out how many of the structures were houses. they're also very concerned about the wind. as you can see if you look around me, you look at my hair it's very windy out here right now so that is a concern going into the day. one good thing is that it's a little chilly right now and that is helping the firefighters but they're hoping to get in there and make some more ground on containing this fire which it is not contained at this point. kate? >> stephanie elam tracking it all for us this morning, thank you so much. a different story this morning but a big headline many of you care about. for most of us back to the drawing board but there are three big winners in last night's $448 million powerball lottery drawing. the winning tickets sold in two states, one in minnesota and two in new jersey. here are the numbers in case you are waking up, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and powerball number 32.
4:07 am
our zain asher is at the supermarket in south brunswick, new jersey, where one of those winning tickets was sold. any expectation of when we're going to learn who these lucky winners are? >> reporter: we have no idea right now, kate, but i can tell you there is a lot of buzz, a lot of excitement here in south brunswick, new jersey. i spoke to one of the workers at this stop & shop where that winning ticket was sold who said to me he has never seen so much media attention descend on a small town in a short space of time. you have to think this must be overwhelming for people to wake up and see reporters outside their local store. yes, $448 million, split that three ways. somebody in south brunswick will be walking away with about $150 million and not only did that mean instant wealth, it's instant celebrity because in new jersey you can't be anonymous if you win the lottery. this is really a tiny town, population about 43,000 people,
4:08 am
about an hour outside of new york. you have a year to collect your winnings, plenty of time to quit your job. my advice if you are in new jersey and happened to play the lottery in the last few days you might want to start looking for your tickets. kate? >> i would say so! >> boy, oh, boy, thanks so zain for that. appreciate the reporting. look at how exciting she is. that's how exciting the lottery is, you don't even win and you're excited. president obama will not meet with vladimir putin in moscow. the white house says it's because "lack of progress on our shared agenda" and also nsa leaker edward snowden, let's put that into the calculation. russia granted him temporary asylum in what appears to be a slap in the face to the united states. snowden may be a symptom in the illness between relations of the two nations. jill dough sert at the white house. >> reporter: snowden is one thing and it's big but the
4:09 am
russians deep saying look it's not our fault. he showed up on our doorstep, we're just dealing with it legally according to our laws but the united states doesn't see it that way and they say they could send him back to the united states if they wanted to. but there are really a lot of other issues that the two sides can't see eye to eye on, you'd have to say arms control, that missile defense system that the united states wants to install in europe. you also have trade, big differences on trade, global security issues, and finally, human rights, to crack down on human rights group and also this anti-gay probable began prop began ta laand the united states and president obama say is a throw back to the dark ages and the cold war. they're making the word it's downhill with putin.
4:10 am
>> seems to be a long time coming but not a very unpublic way this is going down. overnight security figures in yemen claim to have foiled an al qaeda plot to fire missiles in sanaa. barbara starr what is the latest? >> good morning, kate. another drone strike in yemen, it is said several people were killed in it, remains to be seen as always whether many of them were major al qaeda operatives the people want to go after with the drones and reports from yemen an attack foiled against oil and gas facilities in the south, not clear if that is tied to the plot. u.s. officials say they put everything they can into place to deter in the attack and they're baiting to see what unfolds next. >> thank you so much. >> let's bring in fareed
4:11 am
zakaria, host of cnn's "fareed zakaria gps." there's a little bit going on with the u.s. government, why this is happening may not be as important as how the united states is handling it. fareed i'd like to set up our conversation with something that senator schumer said on the subject yesterday, get your take. let's listen to what senator shum her to say on "new day" yesterday. >> goes out of his way to stick the knife into the united states. i know what he's doing. i mean he's trying to make russia a big power again but there are good ways and bad ways to do it. the number one thing we can and should do and i urge the administration to do it not have the bilateral one on one talks with mr. putin. >> there's senator schumer talking about putin and what he believes a president should do. there's two ways to look at what happens with this. the first is it looks like the president clearly watches "new day" first of all, that's
4:12 am
incontrovertible. is listening to members of his own party concerned about weakness abroad, do you think what fueled this situation? >> no, i think what fueled this fundamentally is a genuine frustration with the russians because it isn't just snowden. let's be honest, chris, if a russian spy fell into our hands i'm not so sure that we would very quickly extradite this guy back to moscow so there's a little bit tit-for-tat that goes on in this spy versus spy game. the big disappointment has been on syria where the russians have been very difficult to deal with and in some ways not even acting in their own interests. they've got an islamic radicalism problem that is going to get worse if syria spins out of control, on arms control where they have not come forward with a big proposal. the snowden thing was the straw kind of thing that broke the camel's back. >> the reasons have existed even in the white house statement this is a review that's gone on
4:13 am
since early july they said so it's not immediate but how the president is dealing with this and how he is perceived weakness, loss of mojo, do you believe these are fair criticisms? >> i don't think it's a fair criticism but it's fair to say that is acting as a kind of background condition in explaining the decision to cancel the summit. look part of the problem, the president said it on "jay leno" we're looking forward trying to further relations with the russians. remember putin joined the kgb, russia's spy serve in 1975 at the height of the cold war, and he stayed in it until 1991, literally when the soviet union collapsed is when he resigned from the kgb. obama in 1975 was playing basketball in hawaii. these are very different people with a very different outlook on the world. >> but right now it does seem as
4:14 am
though russia has upper hand, is dictating the action, doesn't care about the united states' own intentions, doesn't that have to change and quickly? >> we're in a new world. we don't have the ability with russia, with china, even with we've seen with turkey, with egypt to issue the kind of commands we were once able to do. with russia there's only a brief period where they were collapsing we could issue those demands. we're in a new world, these guys are powerful. the underlying condition of putin's strength is high oil prices. when oil prices were $50 a barrel the soviet union collapsed and yeltsin came begging to the united states for help. today oil prices are closer to $100 a barrel. russia is a kind of siberian saudi arabia t is a huge oil power and as long as oil prices stay high putin has the cash to be a spoiler. i wouldn't say he is setting the
4:15 am
agenda but he is the spoiler and he has the money and power to do that. >> fa red i appreciate the perspective, because so many see it as simply as i'm laying it out to you and you're letting us know it's poor complicated. >> if you want to break russia's power let's get off our addiction to oil and that will do more to free us than anything else. >> thank you very much, fareed zha car kcar zakaria, always go have you in "new day." breaking news in dallas a man identified as irby bowser walked into his ex-girl friends house looking for her, shot four people inside, killing two and injuring two others. the girl was not in the home, went to another desew toto, and
4:16 am
we'll keep an eye on the situation. the manhunt for james dimaggio stretching up and down the west coast. the southern california man suspected of murdering a mother of two before abducting her 16-year-old daughter and possibly 8-year-old son an amber alert for hannah anderson. the trial of major nadal hasan on old. attorneys are telling the judge they want off the case. is he representing himself but the legal team appointed to him says he's trying to get the death penalty and they want no part of that. the judge is expected to hold a closed door hearing with hasan and his attorneys. a bus driver misses his exit, trying to back up on a highway when a truck traveling at a high speed smashed right into the back of the bus, the impact some passengers flying, the bus rolling over and skidding 165 feet. the bus driver and ten passengers thrown from the bus.
4:17 am
we're told the truck driver was killed in that crash. want to show you something crazy, may look like an alien invasion but it's a cloud formation. forgive me for dipping into indra's territory. this is a shelf cloud spotted off the coast of belgian. this tape has gone viral. the clouds typically form on the end of thunderstorms. indra tells us these are uncommon in coastal areas because of the cool waters but they are common in tornado alley in the midwest but that one in belgian and i'm sure lots of people snapping picks. very intense. you feel like ooh! >> it's beautiful as long as you're out of the range. >> exactly. >> key point. >> indra is not happy, though. glad i'm not you right now. >> i'm trying to get an apprenticeship in the weather department. >> lightning, then the cloud, sorry. love you. >> we'll take a break in case
4:18 am
anything goes down and clean it up. coming up "new day," supposed to protect them so why is this man from a pennsylvania town doing this, scaring his own people? he is the former police chief. he's suspended, why, behavior like this. we'll tell you the story. the results of so-called overlap crashes that's ahead, important information. lecoca-cola is partneringg. with nashville parent and charlotte parent magazines, along with the mayors of those cities, in the fit family challenge. a community wide program that offers free classes that inspire families to get out, enjoy moving together, and even track their activity online. it's part of our goal to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer.
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welcome back to "new day."
4:22 am
residents of a tiny pennsylvania town say they are living in fear and they're afraid of this man, mark kesler. kesler heads a political organization 100 men strong. they are armed and have free reign over gilberton, pennsylvania. he also happens to be, ready for this, the chief of police. joe johns is live this morning. what is making people so nervous about this man? >> reporter: well, chris, harshly-worded rants against liberal politicians, using firearms as visual aids. the police chief here has an unusual way of attracting attention and he's taken a lot of heat for it. >> [ bleep ] you! >> reporter: gilberton, pennsylvania, police chief mark kesler is the only officer in this small town of about 1,000 people but some are calling on him to go. >> kesler is a detriment to this burrough. my wife is afraid of him so i'm
4:23 am
going to be frayafraid of him, . >> come and take it, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this after a video of himself shooting semiautomatic weapons. the burrough council met on july 31st to suspend kesler for 30 days. kesler posted on his facebook saying "i am expected a large ground of anti-gunners and anti-constitutionalists to show up. couple dozen more armed men showed up. kesler heads a group whose stated name to uphold the constitution says the men with guns at the meeting are just supporters of his. >> for those who don't know pennsylvania is an open carry state so some people showed one firearms and i encourage that. >> reporter: kessler offers no apologies for the videos. he said he was expressing his constitutional rights to free speech and to bear arms. >> come and get it! >> reporter: does your firing the weapon and using profanity or whatever, does it reflect
4:24 am
badly on the town? >> well, everybody's entitled to their opinion and i would hope everybody would express their opinion under the constitution, the first amendment just like i have in my videos. >> you [ bleep ] liptards out there, [ bleep ] private. >> reporter: mark kesslor is also on the county school board, at a meeting just night no one uttered a word of criticism about him or the videos. kate? >> all right, joe, a lot of people are muttering words about the videos and what he's saying across the country. thank you so much. do you ever wonder how safe is your car? a new report is raising questions about some small vehicles when it comes to a certain kind of front end crash and according to the safety group that conducted the tests it's a problem not all that easy to fix. cnn's rene marsh is in washington with more on this. what are we learning? >> good morning, kate.
4:25 am
the small cars are big sellers on the market but one highway safety group says the way factories built them leave drivers vulnerable to serious crashes. dozen of the small cars were tested and here are the results. it's this type of crash that happens on u.s. roads thousands of times per year. watch closely, not quite a head-on but what the insurance institute for highway safety calls overlap frontal crashes where part of the car's front end strikes an object. the group says some popular small cars on the road don't make the grade in overlap crashes. the honda civic received the top grade. the head and chest of the test dummy was protected, the sir bag released on time and the structure of the car did not cave in. the kia forte performed the
4:26 am
worst. >> the structure collapsed. we've got the restraints not doing a good job of controlling the motion of the occupant. >> reporter: the group says manufacturers have built cars to best absorb impact in the center. take a look, a more head-on impact on the left and an overlap crash on the right, the damage much worse in the overlap crash. >> as manufacturers redesign their cars they need to figure out ways to provide better protection for the people inside. >> reporter: the dodge dart, ford focus and hyundai elantra and cion ect passed the tad. the volkswagen beetle and nissan soul and others all performed poorly. even though half of the cars performed poorly they say it doesn't negate the overall
4:27 am
safety of the vehicles. the automakers of the cars that performed poorly tell cnn their vehicles exceed federal requirements but some, like nissan and vw, say they will review the results of the crash testing. kate? chris? >> important to review the results and particularly important because this is a really fast growing market, small cars in this country, right? >> absolutely. they are very popular, and i asked the folks there with this highway safety group how do you decide which cars are you going to test, that you're going to test and they say we look at the cars that are selling the most so all of those cars that you saw in the piece extremely popular among on cuonsumers. >> thanks so much, rene. >> one of the reasons they're popular and one of the reasons that big cars and suvs remain popular. especially when you're putting your family in the vehicle you want to know you're going to
4:28 am
win. my wife would say cars are so much safer than back in the day, you don't need a lot of steel around you but when you see that. >> it's the efficiency of being a smaller car as well as safety. those clearly don't always go hand in hand. >> true, true. time for a break. shocking images new this morning, two brothers strangled by an escaped python, about 100 pounds, 15 feet long. what were they doing in a snake's enclosure. we have pictures and we'll talk to but it. a man wakes up one day with no memory and only able to communicate in swedish. now he's sharing his story for the very first time exclusively with cnn. ♪
4:29 am
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♪ is this men with hats, men without hats? >> men without pants. >> men without pants? i like the song, though, anything about dancing. le welcome back, everybody. this is "new day," it's thursday august 8th, i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan with michaela pereira. coming up the story of two young brothers strangled to death in their beds believed to be strangled by a python. wildlife biologist jeff corwin will join us to explain how this happened. you see pictures of the boys inside the tank. we'll follow that. a man in florida wakes up no mem me, amnesia but also forgot how to speak english. he was talking swedish and now he's talking for the first time and talking to us, a cnn exclusive. a lot of news, a lot of bad things happening with weather
4:33 am
around the country. michaela? >> let' bring you up to date on the deadly flooding that continues across the midwest and southeast. state of emergency in missouri there. 4-year-old died when he was swept away from his mother's car near waynesville, missouri. his mother is still missing. if you live in new jersey or minnesota, check your powerball tickets. two in new jersey and one in minnesota, they'll split the $448 million jackpot. winning numbers 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, the powerball number 32. one month after a runaway train disaster that killed 47 people in quebec, canada, the railroad's operators filing for bankruptcy. it says its freight business has dried up since the july 6th disaster. it is now filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy to preserve its assets for a potential sale. new perspective on the scale of nsa officials.
4:34 am
the nsa searches e-mail and text communications into and out of the country hunting for people who mention information about foreigners under surveillance. senior intelligence official says the nsa casts a far wider net for people who cite information to foreigners. this young lady didn't seem to have much fun at an autocross competition, wide eyes and gritted teeth tell the tale. autocross featuring race cars making their way across an obstacle course. apparently, this is the other thing when you listen to it, it doesn't you the earutter a soun about the eyes. her friends wanted her to take the wheel herself but i don't think that's going to happen. i'm worried about is going on inside. >> chris is mimicking the woman. >> i wonder how bigger her
4:35 am
eyeballs could get. >> i wonder if her eyes are getting sucked out with the g forces. i get that face, what did i just say? boy, she was scared. i like how she toughed it out. >> she did, not a sound, not a peep. >> not like somebody else we had on the show recently. >> um-hum. >> the guy, not you. it's not always you. no, no, somebody else. i spread it around. let's get back to this story we've been handling about the snake and these two young boys, disturbing new images of the two canadian boys believed to be strang strangled in their sleep. they are shedding light to the mystery behind the story. pamela brown joins us with the latest. >> good morning to you. we have some questions answered but many more remain after the death of 6-year-old connor barth and his 4-year-old brother noah. the boys died from asphyxiation after a 100-pound python
4:36 am
allegedly strangled them as they slept in the living room of the house. snake experts are trying to figure out how this could have happened. a somber vigil held last night as family and friends remembered noah and connor barth, the young brothers killed by an african rock python like this one during a sleepover that took a nightmarish turn. disturbing new photos of the brothers in glass cages that held snakes. family members say the children loved animals. >> they played with llama and goats and horses. >> reporter: jean claude savoie is the family friend who was hosting the boys at his apartment. his own son was unharmed in the next room. savoie also owns the reptile downstairs. >> i turned the light on and the snake was gone.
4:37 am
>> reporter: it was kept in a glass enclosure. >> the snake went into the ventilation system, crawled inside and moved on towards the living room where the two boys were sleeping. >> reporter: snake experts tell cnn that this type of python typically only kills when it's hungry. an earlier statement by police say the snake may have fallen from a vent in the ceiling which also could have scared it into attack mode. >> if it was a dark house, they'd been handling animals all day, and it maybe mistaken the kids as a food item. >> reporter: as investigators look for answers, the barth family is grieving the loss of their little boys. >> they were two typical children. they enjoyed life to a maximum. >> the royal canadian police have launched a criminal investigation into the deaths. it's unclear whether the store owner had a permit for the african rock python which in canada are typically allowed only in zoos. the last attack on a human by this snake was in 2002 in south
4:38 am
africa and in the u.s. there have been 34 incidents on record of children being attacked or sickened by contradictor snakes, according to the humane society. kate? >> pamela, thank you. let's talk more about this, more on this tragic story, bring in wildlife buy kolgzologist and host of abc's "ocean mysteries" jeff corwin. thank you for coming in. this is an awful story but of course we have to say we know snakes, pythons specifically can be dangerous, they can kill but when you are hearing more of the details of the story does it make any sense to you that these kids would be killed in their sleep like this? >> well, pythons are designed to be good predators and the cool they use to take down their prey is constriction, so unfortunately if everything lines up in a worst case scenario, tragedies like this can happen but we have to remember, human beings aren't the natural prey, aren't the natural foods targeted by makes
4:39 am
it like this. >> and so this python from the estimates we've seen between 11 and 15 feet long, weighed around 100 pounds. when i hear that i think did these boys ever have a chance? >> not if they were sleeping they didn't have a chance. first of all you're a young child so you're easily disoriented and not aware of your surroundings and you're sleeping and these features move with incredible silence and once they latch on and they envelope the prey and the contradicting process, that squeezing process, unless you know what you're doing it's very hard to escape. this is the tool how they kill their food is through constriction, and normally this is an animal at that size it could be eating a small antelope, so a child that's weighing 20, 30, 40 pounds is not that much off the scale of the weight of a wild creature that these animals would eat. >> what questions do you have in your mind, what questions would
4:40 am
you like to have answers to? we heard one person in pamela's piece say the snake could have possibly mistaken the kids for food but as you said humans are not the natural prey of these pythons. what questions do you want to have answered? >> well, i think it's important to note the process by which a python like this kills, dispatches and then eats its prey and i would expect that anything bitten by a python like this or taken would display some sort of bite marks. oftentimes when an animal contradicts its prey it will swallow it or at least attempt to swallow it, so all of these factors would need to sort of play into how we deconstruct what happened here, but ultimately it's a reminder to us that we have to really respect these creatures. i love snakes. snakes are a big part of my life. they've allowed me to do the jobs that i've had over these years and have the tv sear eyes i've done and i think in the right situation they're a wonderful advocate to teach us
4:41 am
about nature but we can't forget pythons are incredibly powerful, warrant a tremendous amount of respect, that's why lots of regions around our country are making it, putting very strict regulations in place to keep these animals in a private environment. >> jeff we have to go but i want to ask you, we keep showing the photo of the boys in the tank, the enclosure of the cage for this snake, they were helping clean it or the photos we're seeing right now. could that play into this story at all, the fact that they've been in his cage before? >> no. snakes aren't thinking that way. they're not picking up on a previous memory, an odor and tracking that forward for a future meal so i don't think that would have played into it. >> thank you, jeff corwin thank you so much. this is a very rare situation but so tragic nonetheless. thank you for your expertise, jeff. chris? >> just didn't have to happen, kate. thanks for that. when we come back on "new day," imagine waking up with no memory and only able to speak swedish.
4:42 am
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welcome back to "new day" everybody. an exclusive update on a bizarre medical mystery we introduced you to last month. the florida man who woke up one day with no memory, strange. even more strange he'd forgotten how to speak english. now we're hearing from him for the first time in a cnn exclusive interview. chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has this for us. good morning, always great to have you. >> his name is michael
4:46 am
boatwright, 61 years old, served in the u.s. navy in vietnam. he taught english in china. the only native language he speaks right now he says is swedish. michael boatwright's bizarre story began five months ago when motel staff found him unconscious in palm springs, california. the only clues were i.d.s in his wallet and evidence that he had flown from china to palm springs a few days prior. boatwright was taken to desert regional hospital and he was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia. it's a rare psychiatric condition that's typically associated with a traumatic event. boatwright awoke in the hospital, insisting he had lost his memory and forgot how to speak english. eventually it was a hospital social worker who uncovered his years living abroad, in china, japan, and, yes, sweden. this week boatwright was released from the hospital and now lives at this homeless shelter. in our exclusive interview,
4:47 am
speaking only in swedish, boatwright says he has recurring nightmares that are too disturbing to describe. he told our producer "i'm sca d scared, because i don't know what's going to happen to me next." one bright spot, eva, an ex-girlfriend who dated michael in the 1980s. talking to her on the phone here, he suddenly seems at ease. even though, he says, he can't remember her. "eva wants me to go back to sweden. that's what i want, too," he says. "i feel like a stranger here. sweden feels like home." speaking perfect swedish there and he's 19 weeks now he's kept this up, no one has sort of caught him off guard because that was the concern, is this some sort of elaborate hoax but the doctors don't seem to think so. >> how do you decide these kinds
4:48 am
of things? >> there's three broad categories when something like this happens, some sort of brain injury of some sort, he doesn't appear to have had that and usually causes a short term memory problem as opposed to language loss, you think he's malingering or a hoax, and this dissociative amnesia usually because of a traumatic event people will literally wall off a part of their lives. >> we met somebody after their honeymoon as they're going to the airport to leave for the honeymoon they disappear and they find him in the forest three days later, doesn't remember who is he, getting married, nothing, and three years later it came back. >> could he get his memory back and speak english again? >> if you look at dissociative amnesias, yes, sometimes it's anti-anxiety medications. nobody knows the trauma what
4:49 am
he's referring to, how long it was but he has a woman who has lived in sweden' she put him at ease even though he couldn't remember exactly who she was. >> no other symptoms, motor skills, everything fine. >> good question. is this some sort of stroke, seizure, something else like that, doesn't appear to be. >> sanjay, thank you very much. appreciate the update and everybody don't forget to tune in to "sanjay gupta m.d." airs here at 4:30 p.m. on saturday and sunday and the search for hannah anderson. see her right there. the 16-year-old he is accused of abducting. which mega star cut off her luscious locks for this pixy cut? got to know, right? the answer in our pop four.
4:50 am
4:51 am
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4:53 am
welcome back to "new day" everyone. time for pop four. >> that music gives you a little tease of our big number one story today. i'll start off with number four. the "lone ranger" a bomb at the box office. disney said on tuesday it could force them to take a $240 million write down into the next quarter. disney is talking to producer about restructuring his deal for "pirates of caribbean 5" and stripping him of his final cut which he had for every other film. this film not good. greedy and lazy. that's the number three story
4:54 am
and that is sylvester stallone's tweet after replacing bruce william in "expendable" movie. his rep did confirm the tweet was about bruce willis. >> he means what he says and says what he means. paula dean reportedly turning down an offer to be on "dancing with the stars" a source close to the chef says the dance floor is not the appropriate forum for her. our number one story has me up e-mailing our boss at 2:30 this morning. beyonce going the halle berry route and sending the twitterverse into a frenzy. she posted a bunch of pics on her instagram account. really short, but, come on. the debate in the hair and makeup room, is this a wig or is this a real cut? >> i think it's a real cut, what
4:55 am
do you think? >> well, billy says there's a little something right here that makes it think it might be a wig. she has kim kimball who has an amazing hair stylist who makes great wigs. >> you can't say this about a lot of women. she can pull it off. >> i will not be showing up like that. >> come on. >> you could pull that off with your face, come on. >> chris -- >> he stays silent. he didn't say a thing that whole two minutes. >> he knows that is a no-win. >> a man without a tongue to say about beyonce's new hair cut. anyway, coming up on "new day" they are in the money. three winning tickets were sold for last night s big jackpot.
4:56 am
they were sold and we're happy for people. we'll tell you how much we know. the police search for a missing teenager and her brother. police investigating reports that james dimaggio's blue nissan has been spotted in california and oregon. but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. they don't care about your aches and pains. well, how do you know? did you speak to alex trebek? because i have a policy myself. it costs just $9.95 a month per unit.
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feel smarter. >> thank you, lord. thank you for having somebody there to help me deal with this. flood warnings. the midwest bracing for more flash flooding. towns already under water. the east coast set to get soak today and out west mass
5:00 am
evacuations as a quick-moving wildfire tears through homes. possible sightings overnight of a man accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl after killing her mother. the search widening across multiple states. we're tracking this possible new trail. we have a winner. make it three multiple tickets hitting the big numbers in last night's powerball drawing. that $448 million prize split three ways. where are these new millionaires? your "new day" continues right now. >> what you need to know. >> there has to be respect towards us as women. we're not just pieces of meat. what you just have to see. ♪ this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela
5:01 am
pereira. >> good morning, welcome back to "new day." it is thursday, 8:00 in the east. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm chris cuomo here with news anchor michaela pereira. were you one of the lucky winners? we sure weren't. we'll tell you where they were sold. and then fighting misconceptions about medical marijuana. dr. sanjay gupta traveled around the world to find the truth and is here with his results. find out what changed his mind about the controversial topic. and new problems for pop star usher just days after his a-year-old son almost son almost drowned in their family pool. his ex-wife is taking him to court over custody of the children. the unfolding family drama ahead. the national guard has been called in to help missouri towns hit hard by flooding. at least 15 people had to be
5:02 am
rescued after a mobile home park was swamped by flash floods. parts of the midwest and g. southeast could face even more flooding. indra petersons is tracking all the severe weather for us. good morning. >> what a scary situation when they showed up to the rescues yesterday. people were on top of their rooms and hanging to trees because the flood waters were literally sweeping the trailer parks. even bigger chunk of the country today. >> i've just seen a funnel cloud come down and trees and debris come up. >> a roof ripped off a home and trees uprooted after a possible tornado touched down in ohio. parts of the country are battling severe weather and even the threat of flash flooding. a powerful storm tore through wisconsin leaving behind a path of destruction just outside of green bay. one man was killed while clearing away debris. missouri is under flood alerts. deadly waters have reportedly claimed the life of a young boy
5:03 am
in waynesville and police are still searching for a woman who may be the child's mother. dozens had to be rescued after waist-deep waters rushed into residential neighborhoods. the governor declared a state of emergency calling in 50 national guardsmen. >> i want to cry. thatl's all i can say. i want to cry. never had to deal with anything like this. >> reporter: they opened up the river to release rising waters. flash flooding could affect cities from colorado to the carolinas and stretching up to the northeast by the end of the week. in missouri, on i-44, there was flooding as far as the eye could see. between 100 to 200 structures were destroyed. this submerged neighborhood could get hit again. and xhek out tcheck out the hai minnesota earlier this week. in the southeast, the storms have been relentless. gilbert county, georgia, has been hit for the second week in
5:04 am
a row. they have already seen three to seven inches of rain and even more rain in the forecast. in birmingham, alabama, the heavy downpours have caused flash flooding in the suburbs. here we go, look at the current radar right now. six-hour loop and we're talking about rain in oklahoma, kansas and missouri and spreading to the east. what you're looking at is the contour of the severe weather and, once again, the heavy thunderstorms over that same region, they're looking for rain all the way up towards saturday. more heavy rain expected for them. for the rest of the country, same front. very slow system expected to bring heavy rain to the south and maybe to the north. not a stalled front and we'll have to monitor that whether it stalls out like the southern portion of the front. that will impact how much rain in the northeast. to the south, one to two inches and two to three inches, lexington about one to two inches. we have to talk about how fast it goes and looking for heavier thunderstorms that could cause urban flooding in some areas
5:05 am
that don't see much rain at all. how fast that system goes or if it stalls and rain day after day here throughout the weekend. we'll monitor it. >> hopefully it will move through quickly. >> so many people on the east coast saying no more rain, no more rain and out west they're praying for it. new this morning a fast-moving wildfire in california is forcing mandatory evacuations in five communities. the silver fire has now spread out to 6,000 acres east of los angeles. 500 firefighters are doing all they can, but so far, they are making little progress. stephanie elam is standing by with the latest. stephanie, i have been following your tweets. what do weknow now? >> good morning, chris, kate and michaela. what we do know is we talked to a cal fire official and 1,000 firefighters out here working on this blaze and 15 structures have been damaged or destroyed. they're hoping to get out there later today when the sun gets up to figure out how many of those were actually homes. 1,500 people evacuated and we
5:06 am
spoke to one woman who was evacuated and firefighters came to her aid to help her get burn out and went back to get her purse and medicine and she didn't have time. she is waiting it out in her car hoping her house is okay. this fire is moving very fast. started at 2:00 local time and grew very quickly. the fire line now eight miles long and fire officials hoping to get back in here and make water drops so they can start on putting this fire out. overnight, firefighters have been out there doing their best to get this fire contained which at this point is not contained at all. kate? >> which means a critical day ahead. stephanie elam, great to see you. also happening now in california, desperate manhunt for james dimaggio the southern california man suspected of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl and possibly her brother after murdering their mother. a amber alert stretching up and down the west coast following a possible sighting overnight. miguel marquees quez is live wi
5:07 am
details. what the relationship was like between these folks, miguel. >> yeah, good morning, kate. this is really raising hope this possible sightings. this was a guy considered so close to the family. he knew these kids since they were born and now these new sightings are giving hope that more tragedy could be avoided. several states on high alert this morning after possible sightings of the blue nisson driven by dimaggio. remote stretch of road on highway 395. hours later, a second possible sighting in neighboring lakeview, oregon. police on high alert scouring the area for any sign of dimaggio and 8-year-old ethan
5:08 am
anderson and his 16-year-old sister, hannah. dimaggio developed a relationship with 16-year-old hannah in recent years. a friend with the anderson has kids hannah's age. >> from what i understand hannah had a crush on a boy. i don't know if they were officially dating. that's something my girls would know. hannah did say when jim did tell her he had a crush on her. >> reporter: hannah told her friends he didn't want to visit dimaggio any more. the last time the family was seen alive was saturday afternoon. they left to spend the night with dimaggio, a long-time family friend at his home 50 miles away in boulevard, california. ethan was supposed to be at football practice 8:00 a.m. sunday morning, he didn't make it. later that night, dimaggio's house was set on fire. now, what we don't understand and don't know at this point is when the deaths occurred and
5:09 am
when that fire started. in other words, we don't know how much of a lead dimaggio had on investigators once they found the bodies in there and all of this started to unfold. there is great hope, though, across the state today and here with the anderson family that this thing comes to as happy a resolution as possible. chris? >> a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of waiting. earlier i spoke with lieutenant glenn homicide unit about the investigation and the main question was if he had any idea where dimaggio might be or where he's headed next. here's the answer. >> he could be anywhere at this point. we've had some hints that he may be going to certain areas. nothing has really panned out. we had law enforcement agencies across the country following up on tips and checking on suspicious vehicles that they think may have been related to them. so far all of them have come up negative. we're still hoping that one of the tips will turn up dimaggio and both children. >> has anybody come forward with
5:10 am
any information that gives a clue as to why he did this? >> well, it's been reported one witness had said that dimaggio had a crush on hannah. again, we've heard that. it was one wins that had made that statement. we haven't -- we don't have any other corroborating information to back up that as a possible motive, but, really, we're not ruling anything out at this point. >> lieutenant, gives you such a small piece of the puzzle, the death, the burning down of the home, there's so many other factors involved here that aren't consistent with that that you have to take into consideration, as well. right? >> that's right. one of the biggest questions for us is the identity of the remains that were found at the residence. we've been trying to get dna from the remains. they were very badly burned which is making the dna collection very difficult. we are hoping to have an i.d. by
5:11 am
friday and maybe several days after that and there is a possibility due to the condition of the body that we will not be able to positively i.d. the remains at all. we're doing everything we can with all the tools we have to try to locate them and what we're thinking it may end up being just somebody from the public seeing something and calling it in and having us contact the person to bring this to a successful conclusion. >> the lieutenant is issuing what they call a be on the lookout. if you have any information, you can call the numbers you saw on our screen or go to our website. if you see dimaggio, do not try to apprehend him yourself. that's what the lieutenant is asking for. just call 911. also breaking overnight, three lucky winners will share a powerball jackpot worth, you heard it, $448 million. a third ticket in minnesota. so, you're looking at the numbers in case you're just waking up this morning. these are the big numbers you hope you see on your night stand when you wake up.
5:12 am
let's head down to south brunswi brunswick, new jersey, where one of the winning tickets were sold. pretty big day over there. >> hey, kate, yeah. right now we still have no idea whether the winners were an individual or a group, but as you mentioned, three winning tickets across the country. you take $448 million, you split it three ways. what do you get, $150 million. obviously, not bad at all. two tickets sold in new jersey. one ticket was actually sold in the shop right behind me in south brunswick. as you can imagine, the amount of media attention has been overwhelming for this small town. this really is a tiny town, population 43,000. about just four miles from princeton. nobody has seen anything quite like this. i also want to say in new jersey you are not allowed to be anonymous if you win the lottery. you have to come forward. in some states if you don't want the whole world knowing that you just won $150 million, you can keep private. but in new jersey, you do have to come forward. i want to say you have about a
5:13 am
year to collect your winnings. if you come forward today the money will take two weeks to hit your checking account. you can only dream. >> we'll keep on dreaming, though. thanks so much. a lot of oother news developing at this hour. let's get over to michaela for the latest. >> watching some news out of dallas breaking overnight. a shooting spree in texas leaving four people dead and two injured late last night inside a dallas home. cnn affiliate identifies the suspects then went to desoto, texas, where he shot four other people, including two children. it's not clear if his ex-girlfriend, who he was looking for, was shot. developing overnight security officials in yemen claim to have foiled an al qaeda plot to fire missiles at the u.s. embassy. meantime, local security officials say six alleged al qaeda militants died when a drone struck their convoy in southeastern yemen. six suspected u.s. drone strikes in the past two weeks.
5:14 am
a deadly high-speed accident caught on camera. a bus driver missing his exit pulls it into reverse and tried to back up, but the bus gets hit by behind by a speeding truck. the impact, as you can see, sent the passengers flying. the bus driver himself was sucked right out of the window as the bus rolled over and skidded 165 feet. ten passengers also thrown from the bus. the truck driver was killed in that accident. swastikas and slurs found on a statue of baseball great jackie robinson and now "new york daily news" offering a $10,000 reward to find those responsible. workers tried to scrub it clean, but that graffiti would not come off. so, instead they covered the base with a black tarp. oh, stephen colbert not happy when electronic dance music stars daft punk canceled a scheduled appearance. he took it out to dance. he invited a few friends to come
5:15 am
out and dance. you see matt damon and you see charlie rose. ladies and gentlemen, henry kissinger makes an appearance along with jeff bridges, jimmy fallon. all of them take part in the fun. even the folks, the judges at "america's got talent" get involved. he does some high kicking himself. >> i would say daft punk, the face is so great. i was looking at colbert. >> i just think he is a funny guy. and there's matt damon. >> hey, how's it going? he didn't bring that to "new day." >> in matt's defense, i did not ask. but next time. >> it was so fun. he was really upset that they canceled. some sort of thing when they could appear and when they couldn't. >> contractual.
5:16 am
>> he was like, really, i'm stephen cobert. >> who needs daft punk. >> he seemed really upset. >> big smile on his face the entire time. >> that's how you win. smile. >> funny guy. coming up next on "new day" embattled san diego mayor bob filner keeping a low profile. the leader of a veterans group is here and she wants to see filner thrown out of office. usher's ex-wife says he should be in her custody after he gets sucked into a pool drain. we'll bring you the latest. man . this is ann. where would you like to go tonight? ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to see how lexus effortlessly connects you to where you're going. ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event and experience the connectivity of lexus enform, available on all lexus models,
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5:19 am
welcome back to "new day"
5:20 am
more than a dozen women came forward with sexual accusations against the embattled san diego mayor, bob filner. we introduced you to two veterans who say filner harassed them and the response to their stories has been overwhelming. the person we haven't heard from yet is mayor filner himself. >> reporter: the chief of staff for san diego mayor bob filner refused to answer cnn's questions. last night we learned the mayor is dodging a deposition in san diego's investigation. he began a two-week program on monday is unavailable for deposition on august 9th in the signed note admitted to the court. a judge delayed the deposition until next month prompting this angry reaction from the city attorney. he does not want to testify under the penalty of perjury and will use every means to avoid having to do that. he can delay it, but he can't
5:21 am
stop it. city, state and national leaders are calling for mayor filner to resign. a steady drum beat growing louder. a cnn exclusively interviewed these two retired veterans, both raped while in the military. they allege filner sexually harassed them at support groups and former chairman of the house veterans affairs committee. >> it's got to stop. there has to be respect towards us as women. we're not just pieces of meat. >> reporter: he even left a voicemail. >> your newly favored mayor bob filner. >> it's about accountability. he needs to be hold accountable. >> reporter: one civil lawsuit. filner reremains the sitting mayor of san diego getting treatment at an undisclosed location out of the public eye. cnn, los angeles. >> and the accounts get a lot
5:22 am
worse than what you heard on that voicemail. eight of the women accusing mayor bob filner are members of the association of america. tara jones is the president of that organization and fighting to get mayor filner removed from office. she joins us now from san diego. thank you very much for joining us on "new day" appreciate it. >> good morning, thank you, chris, for having me. >> now, let me ask you. 13 women are now involved with this man with allegations. have you ever heard of anything like this? >> you know, we are outraged. we as women of military sexual assault, we are outraged. we are really bothered by the fact that he is continuing to serve as the mayor of san diego and there has been no special session or no special hearing to have him administratively removed or put on administrative, you know, leave until this investigation is complete, as well as the outcome to due process.
5:23 am
so, we are outraged. we are completely frustrated, agitated. he's tainted our city as a whole and we need him out of the mayor's office. it is a public safety issue. >> now, no woman deserves this kind of behavior, but when we think about the women who are in your organization, do you see this as especially wrong that a man seen as an advocate for female veterans and what they have endured and then they come home and they do this. do you see it as especially wrong? >> he certainly chose the wrong group of people. you know, we are outraged. me, myself, personally, i'm just so frustrated by knowing that someone who was a senior ranking member for veterans affairs committee and u.s. congressman for over 25 years and to become mayor and to try to target, to use national women veteran organization, our nonprofit, as
5:24 am
a play dprground for his behavi. yes, we want justice. we demand justice and we rallied the nation to get behind this. >> and especially when he was keenly aware that a lot of these same women had suffered abuse already, right? >> exactly. exactly. this was certainly not a group to target upon to prey upon just like a sexual predator. we're outraged and we need the nation to support us in our efforts. >> now, what's your best guess as to why he's still in office? in a day in age when we hear about different type of sex scandals and politicians, it seems like every day, we never heard of anything like this. how do you explain him still being there? >> well, its are e's called wha call politics. everything is divided and everything is about which political party. rape is rape. we all can come together on this issue. it doesn't matter whether you're
5:25 am
in the mayor's office or senate. this is not 1862 this is 2013, that's why we need the nation to get behind this. of course, chris, your support, as well. >> you do need due process. we have to have the allegations proved out and it should be a quick one. explain to us what please resign is. what your message is to fellow americans and what your message is to mayor filner. >> fighting back and seeing. you do not define san diego county and you do not define this nation. please resign is a campaign that we're holding every friday until he is out of the mayor's office. that we have t-shirts that say please resign. we request companies, private organizations, other women around this country to join together with us that every friday we will have these shirts worn in the workplace to say, hey, this is not our workplace. we don't tolerate that type of behavior and we certainly don't
5:26 am
endorse that behavior from any government entity, just as well as our military branch is a service. our military has stepped up and is doing a great job to minimize sexual assault within the branches and the same way they're doing it, it's obvious that we have to have the mayor's office to do the same and the city council. >> thank you for your work on behalf of women's veterans. we know you understand the issues of abuse there very well and personally and i'm sorry that i have to meet you under these circumstances in dealing with this situation. but i appreciate your voice in this. thank you for coming on "new day." >> i appreciate you, as well. thank you so much for supporting us. >> kate, over to you. >> chris, thank you. coming up next on "new day" usher is facing a big custody battle now as his son recovers from a pool accident. family drama in just moments. also dr. sanjay gupta taking on a controversial topic and offering an apology. why? we'll talk about medical marijuana, coming up. #%tia[
5:27 am
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5:30 am
>> sounds like a song you would like? >> saying that in my head. i like this song. sad you now know -- welcome back to "new day," everybody. i'm chris cuomo. >> i'm kate bolduan, chris is my mind reader. michaela pereira. >> that is a good look. >> i'm keeping that between us. >> you're going to keep that between us. >> speaking of crazy, coming up this half hour we're talking about weed. cnn dr. sanjay gupta spent an
5:31 am
entire year investigating the effects of marijuana on the body and he'll tell us how we've been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years. his stunning discovery is ahead and he's going to be offering an apology of sorts. and in what some might call a related story, a bear on a jet ski. >> that was good, chris. >> i just came up with that. >> so proud of himself. >> my second favorite line. that's right. that's going to go in the freedom forum. all right, a lot of news this morning. let's get to michaela for the five things you need to know for your new day. >> parts of the southeast and midwest bracing for more rushing water. flood watches and warnings in effect there in missouri. at least 15 people rescued after flash floods rushed into a mobile home park. the silver fire now burning east of los angeles threatening homes and forcing mandatory
5:32 am
evacuations in five communities. the fast-moving wildfire has so far consumed 6,000 acres. three winners, three very happy people will share the $448 million powerball jackpot. two winning tickets were sold in new jersey, one in minnesota. what am i calling an auction here and powerball number 32. evidence of a russian rift. president obama formally canceling a trip to moscow next month. the talks with russian president vladimir putin. the reason given, lack of progress inbilateral agenda. tiger woods looking for his first major victory in five years at the pga championship. tnt owned by our parent company, turner, will bring you live coverage. we always update those five things to know. go to for the very latest. a very scary story for a pop
5:33 am
star and r&b star singer usher says his 5-year-old son is now doing very well after surviving a pool accident at his atlanta home. but that pool mishap has sparked a new custody battle for him. usher's ex-wife says the incident proves that she should have custody of the two children instead of he. elena has the latest from cnn center in atlanta. what is the latest? >> kate, this battle is expected to play out in a courtroom here in atlanta tomorrow afternoon. the hearing comes four days after that pool incident. days after singer usher raymond's son nearly drowned in the pool at his atlanta home. >> yes, they're doing cpr on him now. >> is he breathing? >> is he breathing? is he breathing? he's breathing. yes, ma'am. >> the 5-year-old is progressing. the singer releasing a statement says his son is "doing well and recovering." the child's mother tameka
5:34 am
raymond "cabin fever. but i'm so happy to say that my son is doing much better. talking and asking for food." filed this motion seeking an emergency custody hearing. the latest development in what has been a bitter fight between the two. usher and tameka married in 2007. they were divorced just two years later. the singer gained custody of the couple's two young boys but in today's court filing usher's ex-wife says he travels excessively. away from the home 85% of the time and that "the minor children are at risk while in the care of third party caregivers." the child was left in the pool unsupervised by his aunt who was caring for him at the time of the incident. usher's attorney did not respond to our calls for comment. >> i think it is going to be an argument that the mother is showing poor judgment and spending her time and resources litigating over an issue when the child probably needs all the
5:35 am
focus on him and his medical care and making best decisions without the stress of preparing for a hearing. >> reporter: the near drowning comes more than a year after tameka's 11-year-old son was killed in a watercraft accident on a georgia lake. now, in his statement, usher also thanked doctored and the two men who helped save his son's life. the boy could be released from the hospital very soon. chris, kate? >> thanks for the reporting on that. appreciate it. got another one for you this morning. washington, d.c. just opened up its first medical marijuana dispensary wednesday. 20 u.s. state now allow the drug for medicinal use which raises a big and unusual question. >> is it safe and does it really work when we're talking about for medicinal purposes? dr. sanjay gupta is here and spent a year investigating the effect of marijuana on your body. culturally, we always bring it up when we say it on air. culturally we're programmed to think that marijuana is bad for you. >> yeah. >> you've done a lot of research
5:36 am
and think the evidence supports a different conclusion, quite possibly. what do you find? >> i think it supports a different conclusion and your choice of language is correct. we have been programmed. it is this cultural influence and i take it even a step further saying we have been misled and it's been systematic for 70 years in this country to think that marijuana, which used to be part of the united states, a legitimate medication that doctors prescribed was demonized and somehow bad and influences on why that happened. if you look at even today at our bible of new studies, 20,000 papers on medical marijuana. 95% of them are basically on the ills and the harms of marijuana. and about 5% or 6% are on the potential benefits. so, the whole system is geared towards looking for the problems with marijuana as opposed to the potential benefits. the dea says the schedule wants substance no medical applications and a high abuse drug. neither one of those things are
5:37 am
true. they didn't have the science to support it then and still don't have it now. >> in the documentary you find that and you find unique patients and people who with anything else they tried, it didn't work. you found it is safe. but how does it, i guess, stack up when you compare effectiveness of marijuana for medicinal compared to prescription drugs that everyone is more comfortable with if? >> it stacks up well with certain conditions. when you're looking at medications, is it safe? is it effective and more effective than what's already out there? for some conditions like neuropathic pain, which is something i deal with as a neuro surgeon. a terrible burning pain people get in their limbs sometimes no good options at all and marijuana could not only be as good as what is out there, but better than what is out there. the pain meds we give people, we talked about this, someone dies in this country every 19 minutes of an accidental prescription drug overdose. i could not find a documented
5:38 am
case of someone dying of a marijuana overdose. it could be safe and very effective. >> there is this societial belief that you were talking about, it is a gateway drug. if a kid starts using it young it will lead to alcohol and harder drugs. did you find evidence of that even being real? >> from a scientific prescription, i don't think it leads to craving of other drugs. do people who take marijuana go on to harder drugs? sometimes they do. sometimes because of the situation they're in and sometimes where they get their marijuana is a place where you could get heroin or cocaine or something else. your body changes in response to marijuana and you have to do something else, that's what gateway applies and, again, the science doesn't stack up there. >> sometimes just because we can't prove it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, right? especially when we're talking about parents and behaviors and you know this very well because you switched your position on this. >> i did. because, look, when i looked at
5:39 am
those 20,000 papers, as well, i saw all the harm sort of being researched and that's the first thing you see. i didn't look far enough and deep enough and look into labs doing research in other countries. i didn't listen to the patients who said to me, it's working for me and nothing else has. i dismissed them just trying to get high. i wrote about this and i also took the dea at their word and they said this is schedule one substance. i think we have a reasonable assumption because they have science to say this is a high-abuse drug. this is the most dangerous drug out there. that's what they're saying. cocaine is a schedule two drug. i take them at their word when they say no medical applicati applications. that wasn't true then and not true now. >> marijuana is not your old marijuana, more deadly than ever and more predictive than ever. did you find that? >> it's not deadly. >> not deadly, addictive. >> some concern. it is a higher potency tsc now closer to 8%. that's certainly concerning and
5:40 am
i think that's someone who is young and someone who has never done this before. they can have a very, very ill effect from it. they just won't feel good at all taking that marijuana. that's in part because this has been an unregulated industry. people are taking this high because they want to get high. people who use marijuana as a medicine -- >> you are also concerned about younger people because their brains haven't finished developing. >> i would say up to the age of 24. your brains don't fully develop until that age and, you know, i wouldn't recommend it for anybody and if my kids were adamant about wanting to use marijuana at some point in their lives, wait until your late 20s. >> don't abuse it like any other medicine. >> like any other medicine is the key. >> use it under the advisement of your doctor. >> exactly. doctors, myself included, should be educated and trained in this. >> sanjay has a special investigation into this. i hope one of the questions they answer sanjay supposedly gained
5:41 am
13 pounds during this investigation. >> new-found love for nutter butters. >> i'm coming up with new medicines -- >> word on the street is my sources tell me. it is called, obviouslily, "weed." it airs this sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. thanks. >> fascinating look into that. >> whose hand was that, doctor? >> cuomo's. >> thanks, sanjay. funny. >> it's just all so absurd. >> as he giggles. we have much more news coming up on "new day" including a subject not many people want to talk about, but a new viral video that is breaking down barriers and it has really taken over the internet. a very sensitive subject for preteen girls. you know the old water skiing squirrel like that's as good as it got. no, no. the bear on the jet ski. you can be weed-free and still appreciate it. coming up. hd "
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everyone. a provocative video has some applauding and others feeling uncomfortable with it as they probably should and that's the point, maybe. an ad dealing head on with a very delicate topic. a girl's first menstrual period but tackles the subject like you have never seen it before. and cnn's kelly wallace, our digital correspondent who takes on many of these sensitive issues. you took a look at this ad and what it says to us. >> yeah, like nothing you have seen before, indeed. i think chris is already blushing there. >> this is tough. >> this is the point. >> this is tough. >> it's an ad trying to get the situation going about the monthly visit in a humorous, shame-free way. judging by the response online, it seems to be working. >> i was just a big random and then things changed. i got my period. >> this is not your mother's period ad. >> way more comfortable than
5:47 am
cardboard and the protection i have been looking for. >> reporter: forget the commercials that made aunt flow sound like a horrible relative, she is a red badge of courage. >> i was the first one to get it. i was like the expert. i became the camp. >> reporter: with 5 million views on youtube in a week, it is an internet sensation. >> the serious responsibility. >> reporter: the brain child of hello flow, a company offering a monthly subscription tampon service and period starter kits for girls. >> the whole camp started getting care packages in the mail with tampons and pantyliners and candy! >> reporter: the ad left some dads blushing but women say it's about time. >> it wasn't something where they were trying to hide it like other ads about your period. >> i know a lot of people find their periods uncomfortable, but
5:48 am
kind of like having mine because i feel like more of a women and i feel more mature. >> this is where we are. i'm a spokesperson for the period, yay! >> reporter: actually, maybe camp fwrxgyno. feeling empowered. not ashamed, period. and a lot of moms are watching this ad with their girls. one mom i talked to for the piece on said they watched it about ten times. they've laughed. she said it destigmatizes a girl's period and makes it more of a source of pride and power. chris is still red. >> watching with the daughters. >> dads are the ones that need to be watching. >> wait, why do i need to watch this? >> i'm not sure why i am here right now. >> one thing you probably realize. >> sanjay is getting nervous. >> i have three daughters.
5:49 am
>> out there having to deal with this uncomfortable topic. >> it's just nature. >> single dads, stay-at-home dads and, also you know what i think it is, that open conversation that we don't want. if you feel embarrassed about it, then your daughters might feel embarrassed about it. if you go into that store and buy them their tampons -- >> make a promise to not be embarrassed by this. >> whatever. i hear what you're saying, no. you want them to be comfortable with their bodies and what is going to happen. as much control with themselves. i grew up under the thumb of three sisters and a mother, i respect them. i did have to go and buy them and i didn't respect that. i would have rather been beaten with a stick. i don't know if it's a daddy conversation. i'm open to it, my kid's 10, this is coming, thanks for reminding me of that. i think it helps the girls. >> this is a kind of conversation that is needing to be had.
5:50 am
>> the girl is a little young in this. that's what i wondered about that. >> they were looking for someone a little older but this actress knocked their socks puff api interviewed whose daughters got it at age 10, which is young. >> kelly, thank you. emphasis on doctor. >> in iraq and afghanistan -- >> not even close. take a tornado over this any day. after that, never more than now, because, really, it's about not wanting your kids to grow up. i see my daughter like this and now i have to think about this. i need the good stuff. you hear the music, it's good. today's edition walking a mile in another man's shoes, in this case, sneakers. sneaker nut who realized sometimes fashion is more about style, it is about dignity. >> i am the founder of from the sole. a nonprofit organization where
5:51 am
people donate sneakers. take the soles out and wash them. go around new york city. having all these clothes you realize you don't need that. i realize there are people, what we want, there are people in the world that need. someone needs that. >> how about that. >> giving them sneakers. giving them shoes and also giving them dignity. that's why we said it. especially people he is working with. homeless people in new york and he has plans to expand to other cities. find out how to donate your sneakers or omore importantly your money on the group's facebook group. that's the message you can help these people. think about how often you walk past a homeless person and you don't want to look at them and think about why. there's an embarrassment.
5:52 am
we are all connected and we got this story from you out there. send us more. please, let us be able to keep telling you the good stuff. coming up next on "new day" we've seen squirrels on water skis and now a jet skiing bear. trying to keep gupta around for this one. >> an expert. >> berman's award of the day. ♪ [ girl ] there are man-eating sharks in every ocean... but we still swim. every second, somewhere in the world, lightning strikes... but we still play in the rain. poisonous snakes can be found in 49 of the 50 states, but we still go looking for adventure. a car can crash...
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you know the music, you know the man. john berman is here. >> toad i bring you life imitating art or imitating squirrel. one of our favorite scenes from "anchorman." look. >> his name is nutty the squirrel and he's 3 years old. >> how about that.
5:56 am
that squirrel can water ski. >> that is impressive, but not as impressive as this. in alaska, there was a bear that tried to beat that. yes, folks, that is a bear on a jet ski. but there are serious matters to discuss here. in los angeles a restaurant there is going to serve something that will blow your mind. they are serving water, folks. they are launching a 45-page water tasting menu with waters from all over the world. i'm told much of it will taste, in fact, like water. the most expensive comes from california. to help you choose the right water, our award today goes to this restaurant there. they win the there is such a thing as a water sommelier award. >> the water is from california, not imported. >> indeed. >> just think about that. >> we have to go. >> take a break. consider amongst yourselves.
5:57 am
about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever,
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that is it for us on "new day." >> i hope you are talking about me, michaela. >> she was. >> i am so not happy to see you guys this morning. >> why? >> because that means neither of us won the powerball and we both have to work for the rest of our lives. >> all right, guys. have a great day. nice show. i'll see you soon. happening now in "newsroom." flooded and frustrated. america's heartland storm weary and water logged inundate towns from colorado to the carolinas. niss

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